BEFORE THE FALL - 14th June 2024
This beautifully crafted electronic pop song explores Artificial Inteligence

NO MORE HEROES - 12th July 2024
A blinding cover of The Stranglers hit, stripped back to it's essential parts without all those widdly bits

SHINE LIKE A STAR - 9th August 2024
Beat The Drum at their best. A grinding insistant guitar riff over which the vocals soar and the words work their magic

London duo Beat The Drum’s experience as truly independent songwriters and makers of beautiful noise continues to evolve with each new release. Their journey to create without being limited by genre or expectation has allowed them to develop and shape their unique vision. From art rock to dub via guitar drenched experimental electronica they evoke an attractively strange magic that is all their own.

"With their passion for creating, they make something different and special every time." 
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“Beat The Drum have managed to create their own style and have courageously followed their musical vision to conceive something unique and innovative." 
Edgar Alan Poets  

The duo maintain full artistic control over all they do, hence their mission statement  'WE MAKE THE RULES'. 
They are constantly evolving and yet the foundations of their sound are always evident, elevating their inimitable sound and lyrical vision to new heights.

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Beat The Drum

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