London duo Beat The Drum write songs and make beautiful noise. That's what they love to do, create music and soundscapes at their studio and HQ on the edge of London.

Beat the Drum are writers and producers, Chris Calloway and Steve Murrell. The cult band Beat The Drum formed in West London as a five piece, where they were active on the club and small venue scene during the late eighties. They recorded a handful of vinyl singles and an album ‘Nation to Nation’ on Loose Records and on Metronome in Germany. Their music gained a reputation on the scene with The 12 inch single of ‘This City’ featuring on the New York Danceteria chart. Although they achieved critical acclaim they remained an outsider cult band below the radar of the mainstream.

When the original band fragmented Chris and Steve performed under several names, recording material under the name Crasherama in the nineties. Releasing a Bafta nominated video for ‘This Is’ with The Intrepid Birdman before moving on to different projects.

In 2016  Chris and Steve started working together again as Beat The Drum.

In June 2017 they released 'That Was Now, This Is Then’ an album of remastered tracks from the Crasherama projects featuring previously unreleased material.

This was a way for them to wipe the slate clean before starting afresh on the Beat The Drum project again.
Beat The Drum’s experience as truly independent songwriters and makers of beautiful noise continues to evolve with each new release. Their journey to create without being limited by genre or expectation has allowed them to develop and shape their unique vision. From art rock to dub via guitar driven electronica they evoke an attractively strange magic that is all their own.

“It feels like we have found our way to where we should be, producing work that excites us”.

Beat The Drum maintain full artistic control over all they do, hence their mission statement  'WE MAKE THE RULES'. Their music is constantly evolving and yet the foundations of their sound is always evident, elevating their inimitable sound and lyrical vision to new heights.

They have lots of cool things coming up that they would love to share with you, some beautiful, some powerful and some plain weird. 

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