We are Beat The Drum and we create wonderful music and soundscapes from our studio and HQ on the edge of London.
We write songs and music and make a beautiful noise. That's what we do. That's what we love to do.

We formed the cult band Beat The Drum in London during the eighties. Then in the nineties we recorded and released material under the name Crasherama.

Beat The Drum is now Chris Calloway and Steve Murrell. We are the last men standing.
In different guises we wrote, recorded and produced the core of all our material. We still do.

2016 We started writing and recording together again and we are now preparing our next sequence of releases and events.

9th June 2017  'That Was Now, This Is Then'
mini album of remastered tracks from the Crasherama projects that features previously unreleased material.
A collection of tunes that we still love and we think you will too.
Check out the videos here.

This is a way for us to wipe the slate clean before we start afresh.

Having completed writing our new album 'The Future Is Now' we are currently busy recording and mixing tracks ready for its release in 2018. We are truly excited by the music we are making now, it feels like we have found our way to where we should be.

We have lots of cool things coming up that we would love to share with you, some beautiful, some absurd and some just weird.

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