Every morning the princess struggled to rouse herself from her slumber, try as she might. She found it hard to raise herself from her suitably “comfortable for a princess” bed of down and soft linen, which had been warmed by her nights rest. She tried many things, over many years, but was never quite sure she had found the right way to wake up and start the brand new day.

Then a friend mentioned to her that they had tried something new, which she might find refreshing and stimulating, and offered to set it up as a surprise start to her very next awakening, to which she swiftly agreed. When it was time for bed that evening she found it difficult to fall asleep, because of her excitement and anticipation of what the next day might bring.

The next morning, as she awoke, the conductor in the corner of her room (for this was a princess, in a princess sized bedroom), gently waved his baton, And the beautiful noise that is Beat The Drum started to shake the walls of the palace.

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